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Gender equality at the heart of SILAB's social policy

 Sunday 08 March 2020

On this International Women's Day, SILAB recalls its commitment to professional equality between men and women.

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Work-study training program: a nice opportunity to “grow young talents”

 Thursday 06 June 2019

The training investment at SILAB represents more than 7% of its payroll. This is a major focus of the company's social policy. Among the actions carried out, SILAB actively supports the training of young people, in particular through the recruitment of work-study participants.

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SILAB meets students!

 Monday 19 November 2018

SILAB's Human Resources policy includes a commitment to actively participate in the professional integration of young people. In a context of continuous development, SILAB regularly looks for future talents who will join its expert and dynamic teams. It is in this perspective that the company directly meets students who are likely to integrate its workforce.

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SILAB is hiring!

 Thursday 21 June 2018

In constant development, SILAB is looking for future talents who will join its expert and dynamic teams!

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