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New video! Discover how a desert climate bacterium is revolutionizing the treatment of dry skin

SILAB presents its video “From bio-inspiration to bioguiding: a unique cosmetic postbiotic designed for dry skin”.

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The biotech design of a postbiotic tackling skin dryness

 Tuesday 03 March 2020

Over the past 10 years, scientists have made enormous progress in the understanding of the role of the microbial flora on health.

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LACTOBIOTYL®, a postbiotic concentrate for a preserved microbiota and revived radiance

 Wednesday 04 December 2019

Based on its expertise in the cutaneous microbiota and industrial biotechnologies, SILAB presents LACTOBIOTYL®, a natural postbiotic active ingredient for the care of dry skin.

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ALGOPHAGYL®, protect the mitochondrion for revitalized skin

 Friday 02 June 2017

The mitochondrion is the only generator of cellular energy. Chronic or acute stress can cause its dysfunction, which then gives rise to harmful effects on the skin.

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Mitochondria and their influence on the skin: a major research topic at SILAB

Depending on their state of health, the mitochondria will affect the future outcome of cells and tissues. They are viewed as energy factories that enable cells to carry out their vital biological functions. They therefore dynamically adapt their size, shape and distribution within the cell. These organelles result from the equilibrium between the opposing processes of mitochondrial fission and fusion.

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