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Identification of miRNA-22-5p and miRNA-199a-5p as epigenetic targets to fight against environmental skin aging

 Wednesday 11 September 2019

The understanding of epigenetics mechanisms underlying transcriptomic modulations during skin stress has become a major priority for dermo-cosmetics research. In this context, SILAB aimed to study and correlate modulations in the miRNA profile (miRNome) with modifications of the mRNA profile (transcriptome) in human fibroblasts submitted to repetitive doses of solar simulated radiations (SSR) to induce irradiation-induced stress phenotype. SILAB performed an original screen of irradiation-regulated miRNAs in human fibroblasts that allowed the identification of two new miRNA-mRNA interactions mediating irradiation-induced stress.

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A conference on epigenetics at the Center for Dermal Research

 Friday 06 September 2019

In the context of the seminar "Innovations in Dermatological Sciences" organized by the CDR (Center for Dermal Research) located in the heart of the American University of Rutgers (New Jersey), Carine Mainzer (scientific support at SILAB Inc., NJ) will give a conference on the epigenetics entitled "Epigenetics, your ally to deliver important messages to the skin".

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SILAB at the annual meeting of SFBMEc

 Tuesday 14 March 2017

SILAB is pleased to share the result of its research work during the annual meeting of the French Society for Extra-cellular Matrix Biology in Marseille, on March 16 and 17, 2017.

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European Dermocosmetology Days

 Tuesday 31 January 2017

Epigenetics in the spotlight!

The 28th European Dermocosmetology Days take place on January 30 and 31, 2017 at the European Center of Dermocosmetology in Lyon on the theme: “Personalized genomics and epigenetics, the future of dermocosmetology?

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