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A committed company: discover the video!

 Monday 15 June 2020

As SILAB's performance is fully linked to its sustainable development commitment, it integrates social, environmental and corporate responsibility in all its activities.

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Scientific congresses move into virtual mode

 Wednesday 10 June 2020

Every year, SILAB Research shares a wide range of scientific innovations with the international community in various specialized congresses: posters, conferences, etc. Even if a new format has been required in 2020, the sharing of scientific advances remains.

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Covid-19: continued recovery of activity

 Tuesday 09 June 2020

In France, the health situation is evolving with a continuously decreasing number of new contaminations. On June 2, the second step of the exit from the confinement was therefore approved by the public authorities.

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Discover our sustainable commitments!

 Tuesday 26 May 2020

For several years, SILAB has been committed to a voluntarist policy of corporate social responsibility, guided by its strong human values and its three founding values: independence, excellence and quality.

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Sharing situation in SILAB’s subsidiaries globally

 Tuesday 19 May 2020

The Covid-19 is a reminder of how powerful nature is, but also of how intelligent human beings are and how capable they are of creating, innovating and adapting to a hostile situation. At SILAB, both business continuity plan and business recovery plan were triggered by one principle: “think globally, act locally” to create a shared value.

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