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The SILAB's sales department is responsible for the technical and marketing promotion of its actives by ensuring the daily relationship, towards customers. Involved in projects with its partners, the team makes available all necessary information about actives and SILAB's know-how.
Based on trust on scientific expertise and availability of the team, the sales exchanges include scientific, technical and logistical aspects. In this field, SILAB obtained the AEO status in 2010, because of the safety inside facilities and for its shipping procedures.

SILAB's actives are internationally available thanks to:

  • a network of exclusive distributors around the world;
  • SILAB Inc. in the USA: a team located in both parts of the territory (West and East coasts) promotes the whole range while managing an in-house stock;
  • SILAB South America, in São Paulo in Brazil: a team responsible for the sales relation with all direct customers and distributors for the whole South American territory;
  • SILAB South East Asia in Singapore: this subsidiary is settled at the heart of Asia Pacific region and is supported by its local distribution network;
  • SILAB China: the team promotes active ingredients in Mainland China and manages their imports and distribution with its local partners.

Judiciously built of travelling and non-travelling persons, the sales team is ready to listen to all customer requests. The team is able to propose ideas for new project developments, with professionalism and confidentiality.