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Production lines based on leading edge technology, manufacturing processes compliant with the cosmetics industry's current GMP, SILAB provides itself with the requisite means to achieve high performance industrialization, while at the same time guaranteeing a high degree of product quality.
A qualified technicians team, following continuous training.
3 homothetic production units:

  • UP1: flexible unit that enables to adapt the size of batches from 300 to 5 000 L
  • UP2: fully-automated unit that enables to produce 10 000 L batches
  • UP3: flexible and fully-automated unit that doubles our production capacities

Moreover, SILAB built a production unit dedicated to biotechnologies (UPB) upstream of these production lines for cosmetic active ingredients. This 400 square-meter facility is used to manufacture biological raw materials with high added value (yeast type).
Actually, for several years, SILAB developed in addition to its historical skills in plant world a unique know-how in the valorization and production of unicellular organisms obtained from biotechnologies. This expertise offers a wide range of active molecules of interest presenting a strong reproducibility and a large availability.