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At SILAB, 100% of the active ingredients are produced on site. The skills of a qualified technicians team, following continuous training, and sophisticated industrial technologies contribute daily to the production of aqueous solutions and water-soluble powders with high added value.

In addition to its historical mastering of the plant kingdom, SILAB has also invested in its own production unit dedicated to biotechnologies (UPB).

Whether they are of plant origin or derived from biotechnologies, SILAB active ingredients are manufactured on production lines based on leading edge technology. With its manufacturing processes compliant with the cosmetics industry's GMP, SILAB invests in highly effective industrial methods, while at the same time guaranteeing a high degree of product quality.

3 homothetic production units for purified active ingredients in liquid form:

  • UP1: flexible and versatility unit allowing low-volume batches
  • UP2: fully-automated unit allowing high-volume batches (10,000 L)
  • UP3: fully-automated and flexible unit

1 production unit for preservative-free powder actives:

  • UPA: unit dedicated to automated and reproducible batch production, compliant with the pharmaceutical GMP