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SILAB at 10th SCSS Suppliers Day at Singapore

 Tuesday 20 August 2019

Meet SILAB at the 8th SCSS Suppliers day.

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Relaxation and conviviality on the program!

 Thursday 01 August 2019

Well-being at work is nowadays a key issue in the corporate world, a factor in employee motivation and performance. 

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FILMEXEL®: an innovative, natural and eco-designed film

FILMEXEL® is the first natural film-forming ingredient produced from IBPN technology® (Interpenetrating biopolymer network), launched in 2016. This breakthrough technological innovation was developed by SILAB Research to create a natural and protective cosmetic ingredient featured by high resistance, powerful retraction force and excellent sensory efficacy.

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SILAB - Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation: the 2019 prize-winner

 Tuesday 23 July 2019

The SILAB - Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation designated the 12th prize-winner of its history, since its creation in 2007.

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