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SILAB is pursuing its commitment to biodiversity

 Friday 23 July 2021

SILAB reaffirms again its commitment to biodiversity, especially by joining the Union for ethical biotrade (UEBT), a non-profit association that promotes sourcing respectful to humans and nature.

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SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation: the 2021 prize-winner

 Thursday 22 July 2021

The SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation has named the 14th prize-winner in its history, since its creation in 2007.

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Investigating of the molecular signature of greying hair shaft

 Friday 11 June 2021

Hair greying is a physiological process occurring with the loss of melanin pigments production and deposition within the hair shafts. Many studies report the oxidation as the main biological factor underlying this defect of pigmentation. Even though the overall appearance and biomechanical properties of hairs are reported to be altered, there is a lack of information about molecular modifications occurring in greying hair shafts.

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New efficacy data: EXFOLACTIVE®

 Tuesday 18 May 2021

The desquamation process attenuates with age and dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin. The complexion becomes dull and microrelief irregular. SILAB proposes EXFOLACTIVE®, an exfoliating active ingredient obtained from an organic supply chain of nopal (also called prickly pear) flowers that reactivates the endogenous processes of desquamation.

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