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Protein balance, a key player in anti-aging

 Monday 29 March 2021

Within cells, the Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) plays the key role of factory for proteins, essential molecules to ensure the body's vital mechanisms. In fact, it performs two fundamental functions by synthesizing proteins and ensuring their quality control. At the cutaneous level, functional proteins ensure firmness and radiance.

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SILAB quadruples its annual biotechnologies production capacity

 Tuesday 09 March 2021

SILAB, world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients, is commissioning a second production line for unicellular organisms on its single site, within its biotechnologies production unit, opened in 2015.

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SILAB China at PCHi 2021

 Monday 08 March 2021

The upcoming edition of PCHi will take place on March 24 to 26 2021 in Shenzhen!

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SILAB has developed a 3D model mimicking acneic skin

 Tuesday 09 February 2021

The advanced research teams of SILAB Softcare have developed a 3D in vitro model of reconstructed epidermis that mimics acneic skin. The characterization of this model has just been published in the scientific journal Experimental Dermatology.

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New efficacy data: GLYCO-REPAIR®

 Wednesday 03 February 2021

In the course of aging, the skin barrier and dermal architecture are weakened by the skin’s difficulty to regenerate

SILAB presents GLYCO-REPAIR®, a repairing active ingredient obtained from a traceable and controlled supply chain of Majorcan locust beans that can reactivate natural processes of skin regeneration.

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